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Why Choose Us?

Our products are recognized worldwide because we are always striving to provide our

consumers with the best of the best in quality, experience, and pricing.

We are a technology-based distribution company

that has developed and supplied over 100 products

including cosmetics, nutrition, and everyday products for the home based on natural raw materials and our own patented technology.

We want to share these opportunities with others so that we can experience mutual

growth between individuals and communities as a whole.

GCoop Members receive up to 30% - 35% discount from MSRP.  Membership is free. To signup send an email to 


Our saffron is imported from genuine Middle Eastern countries.  We 100% guaranteed our saffron is not dyed with color or mix with any fake things.   You can try saffron tea at my shop for free if you are live around Seattle. I went through so many difficulties to bring it here. Probably everyone already knows that.

Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Seattle, Washington
Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend them enough.
Kimmie Pham
Richmond, Virginia

About Us

Daniel Delon

GCoop Member

What is GCoop? Simply speaking. GCoop is the e-commerce platform for Social Enterprises. In other words, GCoop is the Amazon for companies that strive to do good for the world. 

90% of GCoop's profits are reinvested back to the company while 10% is given back to society in the forms of charities and other donations.​

Maximize profits in order to maximize benefits to society and the environment.​GCoop's mission is to resolve social problems and deficiencies using strong ethical values and sound business practices.

GCoop stands for Global Cooperative GCoop is the Marketing and Distribution branch for General Bio, its mother company.​General Bio was established in 2007 as a bio-research and development company. They are cGMP certified for cosmetics and GMP certified for dietary supplements. Their headquarters are located in South Korea with Credit rating A. (Less than 5% of Korean companies obtain this level of rating).

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We are located on five corners. Jackson, Boren, 14th, Rainer.


1400 S Jackson St, #1, Seattle, WA 98144

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Appointment only